Your Brain and Inner Organs are Full of Aluminum – These Foods Can Remove It Naturally


When you think of aluminum, you may picture the foil wrap. You may even have leftovers in the refrigerator wrapped in aluminum right now. What you may not know is that aluminum is a deadly neurotoxin, and it isn’t just present in aluminum foil.

Aluminum leaches into the foods we eat, and it is even used in over the counter and prescription medications and vaccines. It is also found naturally in water and soil. A recent study published in International Journal of Electrochemical Science has confirmed that aluminum contamination is widespread, and it is dangerous to the human body. The study further confirmed that aluminum pots and pans can contaminate the food we cook and that this contamination may even cause Alzheimer’s disease over a long period of time. Researchers noted that meat with a high fat content tended to have the highest concentration of aluminum.

Doctors have begun to notice that patients with Alzheimer’s disease tend to have deposits of aluminum in their brains, as this substance cannot be easily broken down by the human body. Instead, it gets deposited in the brain and even in human bones. A recent case study out of the UK’s Keele University showed high levels of aluminum in an individual who died as a result of exposure to aluminum dust at his workplace. The aluminum dust appears to have lead to early-onset dementia. The 66-year-old man absorbed a great deal of aluminum into his body through his lungs, and as a result, his brain had a significant amount of aluminum deposits. Industrial workers are also prone to asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, even when wearing particulate masks. Another study out of Brazil’s Laboratory of Respiration Physiology showed a decreased lung capacity in mice exposed to aluminum dust.

Aluminum also mimics estrogen and has been linked to breast cancer. Women who use deodorant or makeup containing aluminum may develop breast or other cancers due to continued exposure to aluminum.

You can be exposed to aluminum in a myriad of ways. Breathing it in is hard to avoid. Cigarette smoke contains aluminum, and many industrial workplaces produce aluminum dust. Another common way is through ingestion. The CDC has recently reported that an average American eats around 7-9 milligrams of aluminum each day.