What’s the True Meaning of Cheek Dimples?


Although people without this feature are still beautiful, cute little dimples on both cheeks are considered a sign of beauty. You might have thought that cheek dimples are something special that only unique people could have. Although you are not entirely wrong, one study confirms that about 20% of the world’s population has cheek dimples on both sides of the cheek. Regardless, there are several things you probably do not know about cheek dimples such as:

Dimples are a deformity of facial muscles
Although dimples are recognized globally as a sign of attractiveness and beauty, they are actually a result of a facial muscle deformity. As unlikely as it may seem, there are people obsessed with dimples, most of whom undergo surgery to create this deformity. As tempting as it could be, you should never try to get artificial dimples.

A dimple-making machine actually exists
As we have mentioned above, some people are desperate to have dimples on their cheeks. As a result, someone actually thought it through and invented the dimple-making machine. Had she patented the machine, this lady probably would have made a fortune by now. Isabella Gilbert’s obsession with dimples took her so far such that she invented the dimple-making machine back in 1936. This spring-loaded contraption uses a pair of knobs to apply pressure onto the cheeks to give the desired appearance.