What Are Those Weird White Strings Inside A Raw Egg?


When looking for affordable sources of protein in your diet, there’s nothing quite as all-encompassing as the egg. In fact, the average chicken egg packs not only 6.1 grams of protein but is also one of the most abundant sources of the B-complex vitamin choline and various other important nutrients like lutein, carotenoids, and sulfur. Even better, all of these benefits measure in at around only 90 calories. When cracking open an egg, you may have noticed strange white strings inside. These structures not only play an important role in the egg but can also help you determine whether your egg is good or not.

The Science

The white strings in your egg are more scientifically known as chalaza, or by the plural chalazae. These strings help fasten the egg yolk to the inside surface of the eggshell. In nature, this is especially important as it helps prevent the yolk (the chicken embryo) from getting damaged before it can develop into a healthy bird. The chalaza keeps the egg floating more in the center of the egg whites, which also act as protection.

Good vs Bad Eggs