This Root Kills 98% of Cancerous Cells in Only 2 Days


Since ancient times, human beings throughout the universe have continually used the dandelion for its various health benefits. However, its potential to kill cancerous cells is arguably the most compelling benefit offered by this root thus far. The discovery of this common weed’s cancer-curing ability has led to considerable excitement among medical researchers.

The dandelion boosts the immune system and blood circulation, significantly contributing to the cure of lung, prostate, and other forms of cancers. Using this potent root as a cure for cancer is currently believed to offer better results when compared to chemotherapy.

According to a practicing physician at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, the dandelion is quite effective as a cure for cancer. Dr. Carolyn Hamm, states that dandelion root extract is the only viable option when it comes to treating chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. This particular type of cancer usually affects the elderly. 72-year old John Di Carlo, a one-time cancer patient at the hospital, was discharged from the hospital and sent home. The goal was to allow him to live out his final days at home after every effort to treat his leukemia failed.

John recalls being advised to take dandelion root tea, albeit only as a last ditch effort. However, John’s leukemia went into remission merely four months later. The doctors attributed this sudden change to the dandelion tea he drank on a regular basis. It most probably should have been the very first option offered in John’s treatment plan. Recent studies show that the dandelion root extract might work rapidly on cancerous cells, same as it evidently did in John’s case.

According to studies, cancerous cells begin disintegrating less than 48 hours after coming into contact with dandelion extract. As a response to the disintegration, the body happily replaces these cells with healthy new ones. Further studies concluded that the dandelion extract has anti-cancerous benefits for breast, liver, colon, lung, and prostate cancer.

Admittedly, the taste of the dandelion root tea might not be as pleasant as that of other teas. However, its lack of side effects when applied as a cure for cancer is certainly a welcome relief. Living with the adverse side effects of radiation treatment and chemotherapy is not easy.