These Sleep Hacks Will Help You to Lose Weight


There are several pieces to the weight loss puzzle, with the major ones including diet, exercise, and sleep. You might end up paying a much higher price than an ill-tempered morning if you skimp on your sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep usually contributes to weight gain. Here are some sleep hacks for you to lose weight naturally.

According to Daniel Barone, MD, the exhaustion caused by lack of sleep might throw your hormones entirely out of control. Two hormones are inhibited when we do not get enough sleep. The first one is ghrelin, which signals hunger surges, and the second is leptin, which signals satiety. The inhibition of these two hormones naturally encourages us to consume more food.

Although people who do not sleep well are generally less active than well-rested individuals, other factors are also likely to influence fatigue-related weight gain. According to Carl Bazil, MD, getting additional hours of sleep won’t cause you to lose weight, even if you already snooze soundly. Keep reading if you are like most people and could use a few tips.

Stop using “PM” over-the-counter medications
Although it might seem like the simplest way to get more sleep, popping such pills could lead to weight gain. You should, therefore, avoid using over-the-counter antihistamine-based sleep meds or any “PM” remedy. You promote weight gain by blocking histamines since they are part of your body’s weight-regulating pathways.

Avoid social jet lag
Social jet lag is the tendency to stay up late on weekdays and sleep later on weekends. Your body has to adjust to a significant time difference, which contributes to weight gain. The Current Biology published a study that links social jet lag to obesity and several diabetes and heart disease risk factors. Participants with social jet lag had higher levels of fats and sugar in their blood and carried significantly more girth around their midsections.