The ONLY Treatment That Saved Her From Chronic Migraines


Chronic migraines as well as other types of headaches are one of the most common ailments seen in the doctor’s office. Drug treatments are usually effective, but people who suffer from headaches will often try a wide variety of alternative treatments. Since the most common causes of headaches is chronic stress such as tension-type headaches and migraines, alternative treatments with goals of stress reduction are often considered.

These treatments including relaxation techniques and biofeedback are often effective for some patients suffering from headaches. Other nontraditional treatments to consider are massage, acupuncture, diets and herbs since they may also be effective to varying degrees.

Non-drug Treatments

The Case for Acupuncture

An example of the relief found in acupuncture was reported by Margarita Gokun Silver in The Washington Post.

Margarita described her suffering as beginning with a drowsy feeling of fatigue that made her feel as if she hadn’t slept in days. At first, her eyelids felt as if they weighed as much as an oil tanker. A few minutes later, her pain began. The pain began at one eyebrow and soon spread to the other. Next, it invaded both her temples and moved on to the top of her head egging across her scalp.

For Margarita, over-the-counter painkillers were totally ineffective. As lights and sounds worsened the migraine, she made it to her bathroom with great difficulty only to throw up her entire lunch. Then, her suffering continued as she laid in bed in a fetal position and unable to open her eyes.

After a visit to her physician, the result was a prescription for pain-relief pills for migraines. At a cost of $900, the pills simply made her sick. Then, she turned to the Internet and tried 30 Botox shots, stopped drinking wine, Canadian painkillers, yoga and painting. While doing yoga and painting, she was migraine free; but as soon as she stopped, the migraines were back again.