She Shares Her Way of Treating Chronic Inflammation


A woman by the name of Leslie Craine cured her rheumatoid arthritis by consuming a drink made from one simple ingredient. Ms. Crane had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the 1980s. Twenty years later, she suffered from incredible pain in her knees and chronic inflammation. She reports that her husband had to lift her out of chairs because the pain was so bad that she could not bear to stand up.

After searching for a cure online, Leslie decided to address this problem by drinking a juice made of tart cherries. After consuming this drink for a period of time, she felt much better and didn’t have to take pain medication anymore.

If you’d like to try this drink for yourself, you can buy tart cherry juice or make your own by pitting tart cherries, boiling them in water, and straining the juice. Adding beet juice can enhance this drink’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Chronic Inflammation