She Set a Goal to Walk 20,000 Steps Per Day, Now See the Result


April Rueb, a resident of New York City, recently set a goal to get in 20,000 steps per day. She was already accomplishing 10,000 steps per day without really even trying. She lives 2.5 miles from her office, and walking is the most reliable form of transportation in the city with the added bonus that it is free.

However, she felt a little guilty that she was getting her 10,000 steps without putting forth any real effort. She had friends who didn’t walk to work who were also getting in 10,000 steps, and she decided that she would see what would happen if she doubled her daily steps. Here are five things that happened to Rueb when she started accomplishing 20,000 steps per day.

She Was Able to Accomplish More in Less Time

Rueb found that increasing her steps to 20,000 per day helped her concentrate more. Even though she spent more time walking outdoors and less time indoors, she found that she was getting more things done. In addition, she found that her energy levels shot up and her caffeine consumption plummeted down.

She Slept Like a Baby

Although the 20,000 steps she accomplished daily increased her energy levels, they also exhausted her in a good way. At the end of the day, she found that she was able to fall asleep instantly. She found that she was going to bed earlier than usual and sleeping like a baby. She never had trouble falling asleep, which is something that she had experienced issues with in the past.

She Saw the Sun Rise