She Lubricates Her Underarms With Potatoes – The Result Is Incredible!


Potatoes not only taste delicious any way you slice them and prepare them, but they’re also a magical vegetable that can help women achieve a lovelier, even skin tone. We know that sounds exaggerated, but really, it is not. So, let’s take a closer look at the versatile spud as a smart beauty aid to add to your routine.

Raw potatoes have been known to remove warts and other skin nuisances. This starchy veggie contains lots of Vitamin C, which we know is beneficial to the skin. Most however, would never consider applying a piece of raw potato to their underarms. It sounds ridiculous, but it is quite genius, because the humble spud contains an effective, natural bleaching agent.

So, if you are frustrated with dark underarms, which is a common condition for many women, stop buying those chemically-laden drugstore products that are designed to bleach your skin. The prescription kind contain hydroquinone, an active agent which some studies show can cause cancer. You don’t need to take a chance and put yourself in harm’s way, when an inexpensive potato sitting in your cupboard can achieve the same mission in a healthy, natural way. Potato juice contains the enzyme catecholase that acts as a mild bleaching agent.