How to Save Your Marriage After Cheating


Cheating in marriage is a tale as old as time, and it is certainly part of the ‘happy ever after’ that many people share with their husband or wife. Many couples separate or divorce after one partner is found to have cheated, but more couples than you think are able to work through the issue with the help of honest conversation, righteous and healthy anger, and counseling. There are several things that you can do to save your marriage after cheating.

Allow Yourself to be Angry

Being cheated on is a shock, and the normal first response is a feeling of betrayal, disbelief, and flat-out anger. It is healthy to lean in to this anger and allow it to run its course. A study published by several scientists in the American Psychological Association’s print magazine observed the results from a number of clinical patients expressing their anger in a controlled environment. The researchers found that properly expressed anger often resulted in a period of clarity of thought in its aftermath. Anger at your significant other can help clarify the problems of a relationship better than other, more positive emotions are able to.

Talk Honestly About Problems

However, there is no path forward for the relationship without honest conversation and mutual understanding of problems. Anger is a great tool to bring all parties to the conversation table, but honesty and understanding provide a solution to the problem or problems facing the relationship.