Here's How to Cure Your Toothache in LITERALLY Seconds, You Can Thank Us Later


Regardless of how well you take care of your pearly whites, someday they are going to end up causing a pain so severe that you will be willing to try just about anything to take the edge off. These quick and natural toothache remedies will help you send that tooth pain packing!

Kristen at says:
“Whenever I have a sore area in my mouth, like a sore gum, a saltwater rinse works wonders: Simply mix 1 teaspoon salt with 1 cup of warm water and swish in the mouth for a minute several times a day. This not only encourages healing but also relieves pain.”

This is just one of many ways a person can find relief before going to the dentist. What other methods are there to help reduce the ache of a sore tooth? In this article we ask:
“What can you do at home to help take the bite out of tooth pain?”

Nowadays with healthcare policies being so complicated and dentists treating more patients per office than ever before, it can take up to 3-weeks to get into the dentist’s chair! It doesn’t matter how tough you are. There are those that would consider toothache pain to be on the same level as a gunshot wound or even childbirth! Nobody is going to enjoy waiting 3-weeks for relief…

Thankfully, there are a few quick, natural remedies one can employ to help manage the discomfort of toothache pain. Below we have listed our 3 favorite, effective methods.

One of the most best, natural folk remedies for toothache pain is clove oil. Clove oil contains a powerful alkaloid known as eugenol that works by deadening the nerve cells that are responsible for the pain you feel. However, a word of caution is in order. According to the Arizona Family Dental blog, clove oil can be harmful to a patient’s mucous membranes if used repeatedly over long periods of time. It is also known to “deaden” nerve endings from repeat use. Although, that may not be a bad thing for particularly severe toothaches!

The application of clove oil is a fairly easy procedure. Simply take a cotton swab and dab the oil on the tooth that hurts. Alternatively, you can use a small piece of cotton and douse it with oil. Next, clamp down on the cotton so it arranges itself against the cavity and will seep the oil inside continuously.

However, do exhibit some control to avoid painting the inside of your mouth with clove oil or you will regret being careless. Clove oil has a tendency to “burn” mucous membranes in high dosages. Make certain to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the tincture to avoid contact with your eyes.


Clove oil is probably the most effective natural method of reducing toothache pain. It isn’t perfect, but it should help reduce the sharpest sensations to a dull ache.