Health Issues You Risk to Get Whereas Summer Love


During the summer, when people are not all wrapped up warmly in layers of clothing, oftentimes it leads to more spark in a relationship. This could be because of the minimal clothing, or maybe due to the fact that people are relaxed and enjoying themselves while taking some time off from there everyday working lives. Regardless, just spending more time being around other people is likely to cause more attraction.
Here are some ways to ensure you stay healthy while looking for summer love.

Do Not Leave Condoms in Your Car

Condoms that are left in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can be rendered useless. Leaving a condom in a hot car and then using it can make you vulnerable to STDs and pregnancy. If you find a condom has been lying around in the car, it is best to throw it away.

Avoid the Water

While is may sound fun to¬†get bust in a pool, it is not a good idea. You increase your likelihood of catching an STD in the water, because the water washes away the body’s natural lubricant. This creates more friction, which can increase the risk of tears and open skin wounds for bacteria and viruses to enter the body.

Being in the water also increases your chances of getting a urinary tract infection. Chlorine and other pool chemicals, or bacteria that is in a lake, can cause infections and wreak havoc on the body.

Don’t Do Anything Outside Without Scoping Your Surroundings