Fitness after 40 – Bid goodbye to expanded waistlines


Being a woman in your forties, you might totally appreciate and understand the challenges which you face in this age group. Your waistlines might be stubborn enough to keep expanding even though you regularly exercise or you’re careful about your nutritional requirements. What should a woman do at such an age in order to stay at the pink of their health? Well, it is unfortunate enough that there isn’t any magic formula for you but then there’s hope for you and there’s nothing to lose confidence.

It may not be easy for you to spot reduce which is losing weight at certain targeted areas, you can definitely do few exercises which can tighten those troubled areas. Moreover if you lose body fat, the problem areas will also get an impact and henceforth you can get the desired body or shape. Majority of the women in their 40s tend to gain weight in their middle portions and if you too are one among them, here are few secrets which you may employ in order to get back the fountain of youth.

Ditch the practice of walking on a treadmill

If all that you do is running on your treadmill or any similar cardio machine for long monotonous sessions, ditch this habit immediately. Sell it off and make space for some actual fat burning exercise in an inexpensive manner. The key to achieving success is to replace your cardio sessions with high intensity training sessions. You can achieve these with squat jump, stationary sprint and jumping jacks.

Get ‘weight training’ to push your weight throughout your body