Empty Your Colon of TOXIC Waste With This 4-Ingredient Apple-Honey Mixture


The human digestive system is one long tube. The colon (or large intestine) is the last stop in your food’s journey through the digestive tract. The colon absorbs fluid, salt, and fatty-acids from indigestible food residue and creates toxic digestive waste. As a system, the colon serves several functions. A healthy gastrointestinal tract means a healthy you.

The colon performs the following functions:
Transfers nutrients to cells of the body
Processes food waste and eliminates it from the body
Eliminates toxic substances absorbed through the lungs and skin
Holds good bacteria

Tips for a Healthy Colon

Most people know eating more fiber is an important step in boosting colon health. Fiber pushes food waste through the colon, gently, taking bad things along with it. Fiber does not get digested, and so it empties the colon. Foods high in fiber are a good strategy for keeping the colon clean and free of toxins.

To keep your colon clean and healthy, try to eat 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day. (Women need more than men.) One of the best ways is simply to eat more fruits and vegetables. Add more whole grains, too, not refined foods, into your diet. Be sure to drink plenty of water as you increase your fiber intake, because water helps the fiber work better. In fact, plain water is good for all body functions.

Below are some fiber rich foods:

Flax seed
Whole grains
Psyllium fiber

Fermented foods

More fiber we eat, the faster the waste moves through the intestinal tract. If you eat non-fiber rich foods, such as white flour, cheese, white rice and french fried potatoes, you’re a candidate for boosting your fiber intake.

One way is to consume more fermented foods that contain good bacteria or gut flora. Without gut flora, toxins remain, and disease-causing microorganisms rest in your digestive system. Gut flora give the cells in your colon the energy to do their job. These foods include yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, and kombucha tea.

A sluggish or slow bowel system can cause severe health problems. Think of your colon as a pipe. If it becomes clogged, your waste may back up into your body. That is why it’s so important to protect your colon.