6 Benefits of Taking 1 Tbsp of Vinegar Daily


Vinegar- especially apple cider vinegar- has long been said to have numerous health benefits. Claims range from being able to kill stubborn nail fungus, improving digestion, helping weight loss, and even preventing chronic diseases. Now, research is beginning to show that taking apple cider vinegar daily might be one of the keys to good health.

The typical dosage for vinegar is usually one or two tablespoons per day. Many people add it to juices or smoothies, or combine it with water and a tablespoon of honey. When taken daily, vinegar has the potential to help prevent or alleviate a wide range of problems.

1 Relieving Acid Reflux
In the U.S. alone, doctors estimate that about 7 million people suffer from acid reflux. The medications typically used to treat reflux work by reducing the amount of acid the stomach produces, sometimes creating a host of side effects. Interestingly, many people who suffer from reflux get relief from taking vinegar. If you suffer from acid reflux symptoms, consider taking a tablespoon of vinegar and water after meals.

2 Aiding Digestion
Vinegar’s acidity makes it helpful for people with other digestive issues, too. It increases the amount of acid in the stomach, which helps break down food. This makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients. Unpasteurized (raw) vinegar is also a good source of probiotics which help intestinal health.

3 Helping Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
In a 1988 study using rats, researchers found that vinegar can reduce the glycemic load of some foods when eaten at the same time. A food’s glycemic load is a measure of its impact on blood sugar- the lower, the less impact it has. This means that vinegar may be a valuable aid for people with diabetes, insulin resistance, or hypoglycemia when incorporated into their diets. Another study found that vinegar helps lower fasting glucose in people with type 2 diabetes.