4 Ways to Remove Any Type of Corns Forever


4 Ways to Remove Any Type of Corns Forever

If you walk a lot for work, pleasure, or exercise, then you’ve probably had to deal with corns at least some time in your life. Although corns are annoying and uncomfortable, they are actually an attempt by the body to protect the skin on your feet from damage caused by improper stride or shoes that don’t quite fit. Unfortunately, this attempt at protection results in unsightly and sometimes painful lumps, so most people with corns choose to remove them. This list discusses several all-natural remedies for removing corns. These remedies should work on both hard and soft corns.

1. Soak And Scrub

This method is more labor-intensive than others discussed in this guide, but it has the advantage of working quickly and not requiring any special ingredients. To remove corns with this method, start by soaking your feet in a basin filled with warm salt water until you feel that the skin has been softened. This will make the buildup of dead skin on your feet easier to remove. Next, rub the corn with a pumice stone to take off as much of the corn as you can without rubbing too hard. Be gentle; if the whole corn doesn’t come off in one treatment you can always repeat treatments over the course of a few days. Next, moisturize your feet and put on socks to protect the area around the corn. It’s best to do this treatment before bed to give your feet time to rest and heal.